Sally Wiener Grotta

Photography – painting with light and shadow, seeking the textures and patterns that define the world around me – is at once personal and yet universal. I see stories everywhere, in small, intimate details: a nuanced gesture, a half smile, a tender touch. My abiding goal is to move slowly through the moment, so that I may discover and capture these visual narratives. Of course, the story changes, becomes larger than one woman’s vision, as viewers of my photographs bring their own interpretations to the pictures.

This site is a work in progress. I'll be editing it and adding to it from time to time, when not swamped with preparing for exhibits, book and article deadlines, and giving workshops and presentations.

To see work from my ongoing American Hands narrative portrait project, please check out www.AmHands.com and the American Hands Facebook page.

Other Websites that follow my various activities, including lectures, consulting and books are: www.TheWellConnectedWoman.com, www.DigitalBenchmarks.com, and www.Grotta.net.